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Lockdown norms

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Week four of lockdown, well at least in the UK. I hope you are finding resources to occupy yourself during the days at home — that's if you are not working. Jigsaws, monopoly catching up on old films or discovering some new ones — whatever it takes to get you through your days, then that has to be a bonus.

I'm aware that for some individuals staying at home can be a dangerous place to be. Women (and men), who suffer domestic abuse from their partners with children in tow, often having to those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and feel claustrophobic being confined indoors for long periods of time. It is not easy, and not being able to access professional help can aggravate those feelings of despondency.

Although I am not seeing any clients face to face I would be happy to work with those who are truly struggling by skype/zoom until some semblance of normality resumes.

You can view this as a 'checking in' or seeking advice platform and although it won't be counselling hopefully I'll be able to point you in the right direction towards those who may be able to help.

It is more important than ever before to seek help when you feel that you are struggling rather than trying to cope with everything on your own.

Keep safe and keep in communication with someone.


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