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Counselling Services

Offering In-Person and Online Counselling over Zoom/Skype

I am aware that counselling can be expensive, not always available when you need it and at times inconvenient for an individual to travel to a specific location to see a therapist. Presently I am charging £30 per hour which is cheaper than many other therapists within the Moray area. However in saying that weekly counselling sessions are often beneficial, especially when working with a therapist face to face. Nevertheless positive results can result if the sessions are fortnightly or longer — and of course this will help reduce costs.


I offer Zoom/Skype counselling which means you have the comfort (if it’s practical) of working from your own home and I am happy to offer early morning sessions (from 7.00am) either through Zoom/Skype or from rented rooms in Buckie or late evening sessions (after 6.00pm with the last appointment at 8.00pm) — again either via Zoom/Skype or from a counselling room. I have introduced a special rate for students in full-time education or those who are unemployed of £20 per hour. 

Another way of engaging in therapy is to spend an hour — or up to an hour — walking in one of the local parks or coastal paths in Moray/Banffshire. This is sometimes known as outdoor behavioural healthcare or wilderness therapy. This could either supplement the face to face therapy, or stand alone possibly acting as an introduction to counselling especially following our first session. This service would cost £40. 


The important thing to know is that you shouldn’t need to suffer in silence and hopefully there will be ways, which can benefit you in seeking the right help in the best place at an affordable price.