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"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise."

Victor Hugo


Find Direction with dfsCounselling

Your Source for Understanding

Do you feel lost? Isolated? Judged? Is there part of your story which you need to process? We all go through difficult times when no-one seems to understand or has time to listen to our problems. However it is possible to discover ways which will enable you find the right stepping stones you need to appreciate life once more. My desire is for us to work together in a safe and confidential environment so that you may discover the tools necessary to tackle life's hurdles which will allow you to develop and grow into the unique individual which you are.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy which enables you to share your issues with me, a trained professional who is completely independent of your problems and daily life. The hour we set aside is your time to talk about whatever you choose without fear of being judged, criticized, disliked or unheard. In fact being truly listened to is a powerful and unique experience that in itself can lead you to feel less burdened and weighed down with your worries.


How dfsCounselling Can Help You

I’m conscious that sharing personal dilemmas — those very things which disturb you and cause the sleepless nights, panic attacks, depression, etc — can in themselves cause you to feel anxious and apprehensive. So, we’ll take our time — it’s a process not a marathon.

But let me say this: when you put those suppressed thoughts and feelings into words you bring them out into the open which can be a relief and a revelation. Just hearing your internal thoughts being spoken can lead to fresh insights. You are facing your fears in a safe and trusting place and with that you can have a sense of control over your life once more.

If you cry — and many people do (including myself) — then this is normal;  and that relationship built up between us, will allow me to ‘hold’ this emotion, support you and be alongside you as you learn to respect and care for yourself.

Getting Started

We’ll start with the paperwork — not the most exciting tasks but needs must. I’ll get you to complete a CORE 34 sheet which allows me to see those areas which trouble you and I’ll begin by asking you to share some of your story — what’s safe and comfortable for you. Eventually, through the time we spend together, my desire is that you will eventually find ways of accepting and coming to terms with those things which you believe you cannot change, and make positive, more constructive changes where you can. Choices will be discovered that will allow you to question those beliefs you possibly thought were cast in stone and the things which really matter to you will be uncovered which will enable you to learn more about yourself and your relationships with others.

And the journey of rediscovery begins . . .  

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