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Privacy Policy

As your therapist and as an affiliated member of  *COSCA and a registered member of *BACP I am committed to the responsible, ethical and secure use of any personal information I may hold on you. Any personal information I have will be used to fulfil the counselling contract we will have entered into together.

This information will be contact information: an email address and/or telephone number; your GP's name and their practice address. I will ascertain whether you are on any prescribed medication.  I may ask about your domestic situation, for example whether you are in a relationship, or whether you have children or have responsibility and care for another dependent. In addition to this I would like to keep brief anonymised notes of our sessions together for my own reference. These paper notes will be kept in a locked cabinet and will be destroyed once our counselling contract comes to an end.

I will not share any of this information with a third party nor organisation without your prior knowledge and expressed permission, unless there is a legal requirement for me to do so; for example if I discover that there is a child or adult safeguarding issue or a perceived risk of harm, either to yourself or another individual.


A breach of confidentiality is when a person shares information with another in circumstances where it is reasonable to expect that the information will be kept confidential.


By signing below you are giving me consent to store the above information for the duration of our work.


Signed _________________



Further points for your awareness (please tick when you have read and understood each one);


1. You have the right to access, amend or have a copy of any of the data I hold for you.

2. You can withdraw the above consent at any time.

3. You can request that the data I hold for you is deleted at any time.


*Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland 

*British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

If you find that you have a reason to complain about your therapy then please use the *COSCA Complaints Procedure which is available via this link:

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