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Face to Face Counselling Services

For the time being most of my work is done solely online by Zoom or telephone, however Face to Face work can also be discussed. 

Offering In-Person and Online Counselling over Zoom or Telephone

Given the Government restrictions on movements and social distancing measures, I have undertaken an eighty-hour continuous personal development training programme (CPD) which enables me to move my work to on-line and telephone counselling. This is not a substitute for face to face therapeutic work nor should it be deemed second rate, for both offer many, though possibly different, advantages. All on-line and telephone counselling is carried out in accordance with UK law legislation as well as abiding by the ethical standards and expectations of the professionals counselling bodies, BACP and COSCA.

Abstract Horizon

I work from rented rooms in the Buckie area of Moray. Car parking is free and available and the premises offer a safe and confidential platform for engaging in therapy. I am aware that counselling can be expensive, not always available when you need it and at times inconvenient for an individual to travel to a specific location to see a therapist. Presently I am charging *£40 per hour which is cheaper than many other therapists within the Moray area. I have introduced a special rate for students in full-time education, those who are unemployed, and trainee counsellors of *£25 per hour. 


*Please see rates of fees under fees and availability. 

However in saying that weekly counselling sessions are often beneficial, especially when working with a therapist face to face. Nevertheless positive results can result if the sessions are fortnightly or longer — and of course this will help reduce costs.

Let's Get Started

The following documents should be looked at before we begin our work together. If you have difficulty understanding them or have questions, we will set aside some time for discussion before beginning formal counselling.  The four documents listed below must be signed and or completed before any work can begin.

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