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Coronaviris . . . it has changed us

I'm aware that the coronavirus has had a major impact on our lives, maybe more than anything else before. As a consequence many people are facing times of serious hardship and uncertainty. I don't need to tell you this you will know.

Counselling has been affected in that people cannot leave their homes to speak to their therapist and continue with the work and that trust which has been built up between them over weeks, often months. This is one of the sad things about this pandemic.

Two things I aim to do:

One is to discipline myself to write a blog per week — procrastination could be my middle name.

The second thing is to undertake some distance learning and brush up on my telephone counselling skills and offer this as a means of support.

Please don't suffer in silence. Those individuals I already work with have ways of contacting me and if you are considering therapy either face to face (hopefully in the near future) or by telephone then please get in touch.

Keep safe



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