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Finding a buddy

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

In these unprecedented times which we find ourselves, I'm discovering that many more people are using technology (including myself) to communicate with the outside world. A good part of my work is engaging with people — meeting, listening, working and understanding them — and that often takes place away from my home environment. Therefore, the downside of face to face counselling, during an international pandemic, is that it is nearly impossible for this work to take place in a counselling room and therapists are often (like their clients) left frustrated and concerned as to the future as well as the work that has already started with existing clients.

Like many of my colleagues we are aware that individuals who are struggling with mental health issues can't easily access the help that would normally be there for them.

On-line counselling is one of way of attempting to address this. It is still a relatively new platform for me so I'm going back to therapy school to do some further training in this field, so I hope the following video will make some sense of using zoom/skype to continue therapy albeit in a different way.


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