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Have a cup of coffee . . .

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Here’s a thought - does a "coffee cake" always contain coffee? This is the sort of profundities that tax my brain from one day to the next.

I’m under the impression that a few early coffee cake recipes actually called for coffee as an ingredient, but the term "coffee cake" generally refers to a type of simple, usually unfrosted cake that is an accompaniment to coffee, rather than a cake that contains coffee. So there you go.

Coffee cake is something you would serve at breakfast or at an informal occasion such as a gathering of friends over coffee, as opposed to a fancier, gooey, layered, filled, and frosted cake that would be served as a more formal dessert.

I mention all this because I enjoy a good cup of coffee and not just first thing in the morning but throughout the day.

So after this insight into your newly acquired understanding of coffee and cake after this script on cake terminology, why don’t you take time out of your busy schedule, sit down and share a "coffee cake" that may contain coffee (and possibly walnuts) and have a moment of self indulgence.

Being kind to yourself can start with the simplest of things.


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